Tienie Pritchard


Tienie Pritchard

Tienie Pritchard was born in 1938 in Soekmekaar, a small town in the Northern Province of South Africa. He went to school in Pietersburg and matriculated there.  Although he discovered his talent for art early in life, he worked as civil servant in the Department of Social Welfare for a the first 10 years of his adult life.  During these years, he completed a correspondence course in commercial art and followed it up with two years of night classes in sculpture under the tuition of Eugene Bouffa at the Technical College of Pretoria.

As professional sculptor he executed many public commissions for the South African government, of which several were of monumental dimensions.  The George Harrison, depicting the discoverer of the Main reef of gold near Johannesburg, stands 9 m tall. The War Panels in Delvillewood, France, depicting World War II, measures 3m x 10 m.  The Fountain of the Water Nymphs in Bela Bela, South Africa, is 6 m high and depicts the healing  power of the mineral water springs there.


 To me sculpture is all about form, therefore I work in the classical realistic style.  The nude human form is my passion and the basis of my creative motivation. The human body is rich in associations and when it is turned into art, it can be re presenttive of a wide range of subjects.  Man's ability to form concepts that transcend his physical reality, sets him apart from animals. These concepts are filled with mystery and spiritual awe, and in ancient times it always included a spiritual kinship with animals.  I strive to depict man beyond his physical reality and to illustrate the evolution of the human mind.

I sculpt in clay, using live models, because they give soul to my sculptures. The completed clay is then cast in plaster of Paris and sent to a bronze art foundry for casting in bronze.


b. 1938, Soekmekaar, South Africa
Lives and works in Pretoria, South Africa

  • 2013"Tienie Pritchard Sculptor of the Nude" book launch and retrospective exhibion, Marlute art gallery, Hartbeespoort, S.A.