What is Artsicle?

Artsicle is making it easy to discover new artists you'll love around the world & to share your creations. We run Artsicle a non-profit project - our own personal art project. Learn more about our Mission

Who started this thing?

Check out our Team page to learn more about the crew behind Artsicle.

So what can I do on this site?

We're here to help you discover new artists in your own neighborhood and around the world. From here you can explore our network of artist communities, save your favorite pieces, and contact the artists directly. If you're an artist, scroll down to learn more about adding your work. 

Can I rent artwork here?

Artsicle no longer offers the rental program. All artists on the platform can be contacted directly to inquire about purchases, and many are open to rentals as well, based on your needs. 

I think Artsicle should…

You know, you’re probably right. Artsicle is just getting started and we’re always interested in hearing new ideas. We’re always busy crafting new things, but we want to know what you want. Please drop us a note!

How can I get involved with Artsicle?

Glad you asked. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A) Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about the great art they can discover on Artsicle. We promise to take good care of them.
  •  B) Share your own work. We're always looking for new artists. Learn more and setup your page here

Oops. I forgot my password. Help?

No problem. You can reset your password from your forgot password page. If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to us.

Are you going to spam me?

No! We hate spam as much as you do. We keep our email schedule light and entertaining, but you can always opt out of any unwanted messages.

My question isn’t here. Can you help me?

Of course. Feel free to shoot us an email at hey@artsicle.com. 

Can I submit my work for Artsicle?

Yes! We'd love to have you. We're adding new artists to the site every week. It is free to join as an artist and you can use the link below to start your profile. 

Join Us

How do communities work?

Our network of communities helps visitors navigate the site and discover new artwork they might enjoy. The network structure means every artist is seen by more visitors, versus on an isolated portfolio page. 

Communities also provide context about you and your work - such as what medium you use, where you work, a residency you attended, or an organization you support. We've found this context helps visitors form a stronger connection with your work. 

How is it free?

Artsicle has a big vision to help everyone discover today's talented artists. We believe every artist should have access to what we're building, so we're committed to keeping the service free for artists forever. That means no cost to join or to add artworks, and no commission. 

And remember, we're in beta so some things may not work quite as expected. Please let us know your feedback! 

What is included in an artist profile?

We make creating your profile simple, so you can add as much or as little information as you like. You can add as many artworks as you like, with space for details on the medium, framing, price, etc. We also have fields for your artist statement, biography, CV, and contact information.