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It’s Valentine’s Day again, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, a stuffed teddy bear is not going to cut it.   Don't fret- we've got you covered.

A gift says a whole lot more about the giver than the recipient, so the task is on you to carefully craft that message. You want to give a gift that is unique, thoughtful, personal and totally memorable- here’s a thought, give the gift of fine art. It lasts longer than flowers, costs less than diamonds, and will forever conjure up romantic memories.

The gift of art makes a statement that you are not only cultured, and a supporter of the arts, but, when executed properly, lets that special someone know that you know them. Though you may have forgotten an anniversary, or been caught texting at the dinner table, you’ve been paying attention- and a little forethought goes a long way.

Keep in mind, with Artsicle you can rent unique art monthly, so if they don’t love it you can pick something else out together, if they do love it, you can opt to purchase. If you’re not feeling that bold, opt for the Artsicle gift certificate, which will allow your significant other to discover their own taste in art...or, better yet, you can discover together.

Ok. Down to business, how to choose art for someone you care about. In particular, how to find the right piece to wow your other half this Valentines Day. We’ll start with some general thoughts, and then move on down to the nitty gritty with some examples from the specially curated Artsicle Valentine’s Day collection.

First of all, you have to have been paying some attention. 

 Dig through your memories of shared experiences and find a seed to work from. If you’ve heard your lover questioning how anyone pays millions of dollars for abstract work from New York School rock stars like Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning, steer clear of abstract expressionism. If they’ve already decorated with Ikea prints of beautiful, timeless photographs, maybe its time to surprise them with an awe inspiring original from a photographer on the Artsicle roster- not only will it match their taste, but it will come with a vibrant story, and support a living, working artist.

Unlike a cheesy greeting card, an artwork doesn’t have to be plastered in hearts and Cupid to evoke romance.

Think warm colors, soft lines, timeless figures, playful lyricism and generally light and digestible subject matter. Most importantly, think about your partner- do they have a favorite style, color, artist? Start by thinking about their interests, but don’t be afraid to choose something that reflects your taste as well. Your gift will be all the more appreciated if it reminds them of you (we hope).

Here are some thoughts your get your gears turning:

002    Fieldsofwheat    Suspended

Alexander Motyl’s collection is a great place to start: abstracted forms and richly textured canvases will make a beautiful addition to any space. The delicate and often beautiful forms in his more figurative work are certain to inspire some romance in even the coldest of hearts. Most importantly, the images in Motyl’s work are comfortable, and familiar, inviting resonance with all audiences.


For fans of more figurative work, Marcus Romero’s collection of landscape paintings have a casual whimsy and charm. His use of color and apt mastery of depth are certain to brighten up your living space and put a smile on the one you love.

Birdie Dancing Print Copy

Our collection of photography is also full of pieces that your sweetheart will love: Andrea Tese’s sophisticated take on editorial photographs invite intrigue and drip with classic beauty.

Untitled 10          Toughcustomer

When in doubt, keep it simple. Amanda Valdez works wonders with fabric, embroidery, canvas and acrylic to create beautifully textured minimalist forms that are delight to experience. At a glance the shapes are simple, elegant, and pleasant to view, while her technique and delicate embroidery work allow for immense depth.

Now get out there and give that special someone a Valentine's Day to remember...you can thank us later.

View the Artsicle Valentines Day collection here!

Text by Ceci Menchetti and Dan Teran for Artsicle, images courtesy of the artists




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