Sylvia Nagy


Sylvia Nagy

Nagy is a Hungarian-born multi-disciplinary artist, sculptor, ceramic designer, painter, curator and performing artist, has lived in New York for 20 years, where she established her art and design studio.
She studied ceramic art and design at the Parsons School of Design in New York, after receiving an MFA in Silicate Industrial Technology and Ceramic Art at the Moholy-Nagy University of Applied Arts in Budapest, Hungary. She taught ceramic design in New York at the Parsons School the New School for Design for 9 years.  She is an elected member for IAC International Academy of Ceramic Art in Geneva Switzerland since 2000.   She has participated in international artist-in-residence programs in Europe, Asia, and the USA, and has exhibited worldwide, in France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Korea and China, among others, also curating an international exhibition in Shanghai. She collaborated with sculptor Robert Gober, executed a technically challenging life-size ceramic chair for his installation. Nagy's surrealistic artworks are inspired by the world's greatest artists - Miro, Dali, Jean Arp, Calder, Kandinsky , lately Moor and Naguchi- as well as Japanese culture and aesthetics. Creating contemporary artwork, demands a sensibility to reflect new ideas in a changing world, creating individual symbols, that are transformed into a universally communicable language.
Nagy often describes as a trouly cosmopolitan, having lived on three continents, and traveling often, taking photographs and learning about many different cultures. These experiences have inspired her to create art in different media. New York is like a small multi-cultural country, where all the energy is concentrated by the presence of such a rich cultural and artistic mixture. Nagy's works are represented by Loveed Fine Arts in New York City for many years.
Her works are in public places in Hungary and in Museum Collections at Sevre Museum, Paris, France, Icheon World Ceramic Center Museum, Soul, Korea, Oribe World Design Center, Gifu, Japan, San Antonio Museum, Texas, USA, The Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary, Cesky Krumlov Museum, Chech Republic and recently participated the IAC Members exhibition in Dublin 2014.  The work "Black & White Rotation" will be in the Permanent Collection of the State of Art Collection in Ireland. 


I created a series of mixed media installations entitled "Dialog" where my art represents a metaphor for a surreal dialogues between preverbal, organic objects formed in the unconscious mind, and the constant tension to maintain balance.
Complementary objects consistently challenge new forms within their interaction, engaging dialogue between each other, evoking emotions, and feelings that are provocative and at the same time playful.
My work is not an attempt to reproduce the visible, but to make the underlying meanings of things visible.  There always remains, beyond the multiplicity of possible interpretations, something indefinable. 
My main mediums are sculpture and industrial ceramic design, but one year ago I began to translate my sculptural forms to black and white painting on canvas which culminated in a 16 ft mural incorporating slip-casted porcelain elements on painted canvas images. Painting introduced greater freedom to the elements, a lightness to the form unconstrained by the technical difficulties of ceramics, and I want to translate that freedom back into my sculpture, experimenting with lighter, abstract organic forms in dialogue, having discovered a connection in my work with Noguchi, Moore, Miro, Dali and Arp. I want to explore how scale and space affect symbiotic relationships, creating an uninterrupted flow in space from utilitarian objects into large scale sculpture.


One-Of-A-Kind, 5 in H x 6 in W x 6 in D


Balance, Orange over Pink, Slip-casted ceramic and porcelain.