Matt Capucilli


Matt Capucilli

Matt Capucilli has always endeavored to overcome the discontinuity between technology and manual craftsmanship. By combining analog and digital techniques, his art becomes both flavorful and beautifully proportioned. The technique begins by snapping digital photographs of beautiful subjects. Matt then digitally modifies these images by finding the correct balance, smooths and improves any flaws, and optimally frames the result. To contrast the sterility of this technique, he often includes an item from nature, color, or graphic text. After the image is prepared, it is printed on standard-size paper and translated onto a large canvas using a bulb-operated analog projector. Matt then sketches the image onto canvas and applies acrylic paint, thus leaving the canvas' original white peeking through. The result is both physically and emotionally striking.

168 Ave B
Apt 5N
New York, NY 10009

Acrylic on Canvas

Ready to Hang

One-Of-A-Kind, 36 in H x 24 in W


From "Flower Girls" series, 2009.