Jill s. Krutick


Jill s. Krutick


Jill S. Krutick, a top ranked investment analyst and media executive, has transitioned to a world that has no boundaries –  Art.  

Ms. Krutick, a Roslyn, New York native has reinvented herself, and has become a rising star in the world of art.  
Having built her first career as an investment analyst studying and advising entertainment and leisure companies, while raising two children, Ms. Krutick is now focused on creating value on the canvas.

Influenced by her love of art masters both old and new, such as Van Gogh, Monet and Gerhardt Richter, Ms. Krutick has developed an oeuvre of work that is both abstract and imaginative.  
“An exploration of my works should reveal as much about a viewer’s emotional state as it does mine. The oil painting may be abstract or it may be representational, but what makes the painting come to life is the interplay of light, colors, textures, shapes and spaces,” Ms. Krutick suggests.

An exhibition of Ms. Krutick’s work is available at Manolis Projects, a Miami-based gallery and her studio located at 32 Tisdale Road, Scarsdale, New York by appointment.  
Since turning her full time attention to art, Ms. Krutick has had numerous solo and group art shows.  

Recently, Ms. Krutick was selected to exhibit her works in a solo show at the National Arts Club in New York City.  
She was chosen to exhibit in a group show at the Gallery for Center for Creative Education with world renowned artist and art critic, Bruce Helander, rising star in the abstract expressionist world, J. Steven Manolis and sculptor Miles Slater. 

Prior to becoming a professional artist, Ms. Krutick spent more than 20 years in the investment and corporate world, primarily as an investment analyst focusing on entertainment and leisure companies.    During that period, Ms. Krutick’s was a ranked analyst for seven years in the prestigious Institutional Investor’s All Star Analyst Team as well as being ranked the top entertainment analyst by Fortune magazine.  

Ms. Krutick was a senior corporate development executive at Warner Music during its public company cycle.  She sat on the boards of The Art Students League of New York and the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Recorded Arts & Sciences and was recently named to be a Director of National Amusements and the Redstone Family Trust. 

Ms. Krutick earned her B.S. degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and her M.B.A. degree at New York University’s Stern School of Business.  
Ms. Krutick’s crystal ball is much clearer these days – with no constraints but her imagination. For more information about Ms. Krutick, please see  


I am an artist who focuses on capturing colors, movement, shapes and light around me. Using oil on canvas as the primary medium, I make textured works, which strive to exhibit  “balance.”I achieve balance through the precise placement of color and use of texture.  My early work focused on creating geometric paintings with linear up and down movements contrasted against side-to-side movements with my palette knife.  With a tapestry like focus, this style has precision and depth.

Even as my geometric style becomes more flexible, balance remains pivotal to my efforts.  I focus on capturing raw, natural elements – such as terrain, water, sun and sky — and equalize for the contrast between light and dark while capturing movement through a variety of textures.

I select a few colors and a base texture from which to build to begin a journey of exploration.  Layering over a period of weeks and months is the key to accentuate the “map” of texture and ultimately reveal each painting’s potential. Running a pallet knife over the raised “bumps” of a moderately dry canvas capitalizes on the texture already infused into the painting.  Using a reversal of color amplifies the contrasting hues.This technique is born from my need to capture movement through a texturized canvas.  The palette knife gives me the freedom to blend, build or add color to create depth or flutter on the surface.  It adds an element of chance that stimulates my creativity and enhances my connection to a tactile interpretation of the forces around me.

Examining each work from different perspectives helps me to crystallize the viewpoint of the painting. Gaining distance and viewing photos of the work on a computer add an element of objectivity and flexibility to determine the optimal orientation and relative balance of each of the painting’s key elements.  I repeat this process until I reach the tipping point when additional changes no longer enhance the overall effect.I am passionate about “collecting” colors, shapes and textures wherever I go.  

Painting is my quiet place to explore and develop my ideas and dreams.  It is also a conduit for having a conversation with viewers about my findings.  I find joy in sharing my interpretation of the essence of natural beauty and hope it stimulates contemplation and peace for viewers. Furthermore, my paintings often reveal glimpses of recognizable forms, which uncovers insights into a viewer’s emotional state as well as my own.

My work is influenced by the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists. My every day activities coupled with my eco-travels provide me with the content from which to develop creative ideas.


b. 1962, Roslyn, NY
Lives and works in Scarsdale, NY

  • 1991New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, MBA
  • 1984Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, BS
  • 2016Balance of Color & Texture, The National Arts Club, New York, NY
  • 2014Hoff Barthelson Pre-Concert Art Exhibition Cocktail, JSK Art Studio, Scarsdale, NY
  • 2014Spring Celebration, AT-HOME GALLERY, East Norwich, NY
  • 2013Fundraiser for U Penn, Fundraiser for Alumni of University of Pennsylvania, Scarsdale, NY
  • 2013Open Studio Exhibition, Open Studio Exhibition, Scarsdale, NY
  • 2013Corporate Gallery, North Hall Gallery, Splashlight, New York, NY
  • 2012Partner's International, Partner's International Corporate Offices, New York, NY
  • 2017The Three Amigos, Gallery at Center for Creative Education, West Palm Beach, FL
  • 2016Art Basel Salon Show, Manolis Projects, Miami, FL
  • 2014Beaux Arts Exhibition, Bronxville Women's Club
  • 2013Gallery Show, Liz Afif Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2013Exhibition Outreach from the Art Students League at AT Kearney Offices, Corporate Office Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2013Class Show for Mariano DelRosario, Art Students League, New York, NY
  • 2012The 4th Annual Small Works Exhibition, Manhattan Borough President's Office, New York, NY
  • 2012Class Show for Ronnie Landfield, Art Students League, New York, NY
  • 2014Lady Liberty, Katonah Museum Artists Association
  • 2014Jazz Impressionism selected artist to choreograph art to original Jazz compositions , The New School
  • 2013French Countryside, Scarsdale Art Association
  • 2013Juried into Gallery Show, Liz Afif Gallery
  • 2013Featured Artist in Dance, Ollom Dance Festival, Smith College
  • 2013Artist of the Month, Scarsdale Art Association
  • 2012Lily Pond receives honorable mention, Art Students League
  • 2012Exhibition Outreach selected artist, Art Students League
32 Tisdale Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Studio tours available by appointment.

Oil on Canvas

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One-Of-A-Kind, 40 in H x 40 in W


Sold. This painting has great movement and looks like wild waves, ribbons or a tempest of activity -- depending on your point of view.