Hyo Jeong Nam


Hyo Jeong Nam

Hyo Jeong Nam is a Korean-born artist, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA at Pratt Institute in New York and a BFA from Kyonggi University in Korea. Her drawing, sewing, and installations have been exhibited in many galleries, museums and art fairs through Kips Gallery, SICA, Chashama, Scope Art Fair, Red Dot Art fair, Fountain Art Fair and so on.


Recently, I have worked in three different types of medium; drawing, sewing and installation. Heredity - drawing The loop pattern I draw comes out naturally as following the rhythm of breathing in and out. Every moment I breathe in and out tells that I am here at this moment. It is also similar to life’s cycle which goes up and down. Positive and negative coexist. The loop pattern repeated endlessly becomes an infinite pattern which is symbolic of a resistless life bridle. Monologue - hair sewing Working with my own hair has many deep meanings. First, thin black hair is a symbol of Asian women. Further more, in olden times of Korea it represented a sprit so not only women but also men were not allowed to cut their hair. My work starts from collecting my fallen hair. Using my hair, I tie it, put it into a needle’s eye and then sew it on fabric. Without any special image, I just sew my hair little by little. It becomes stars, flowers, constellations and so on. It becomes an important rite to reveal my subconsciousness like a diary. At that moment - thread installation I tie thread, tie and tie… Tying thread means tying this moment to next moment. This moment is little but at the same time it could be whole. I tie this moment embracing the feelings, emotions, thoughts, consciousness and unconsciousness following by my breath. Connecting this moment to next moment becomes time. Connecting time to time becomes story of life and relationships. It becomes history and a trace of life. Without specialty, as connecting thread, I come to realize I am following a certain pattern. As the pattern is repeated, my own space and own boundary are created. Accumulating every moment of every day becomes a spiritual boundary of our life which supports us. I try to find the truth of life and explore my beliefs. Every moment is the essence of life and there is truth of life. I believe some people might find their own meaning through my work. I hope to see the bigger thing from my small world.


b. 1977, seoul, Korea
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2005Pratt Institute, MFA
  • 2000Kyonggi University, BFA
  • 2013Life Lines, AHA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Breathing Lines, Yegam art space, Queens, NY
  • 2011Endless connection, Hutchins Gallery, Ronkonkoma, NY
  • 2010One's Own Room: Endless Connection, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ
  • 2010My Own Space, 122 chashama, New York, NY
43-04 158th street
Flushing, NY 11358