Annie Sailer


Annie Sailer

I am a painter, and dancer/choreographer. The intent of my work is to evoke the unconscious suggesting psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of mind. I am particularly interested in the spatial relationships and use of color in my paintings and choreography (color of the costumes). I am also very interested in creating forms that are beautiful. Frequently an idea will come to me in one medium and end up being realized in another. Sometimes I work with parallel content in both disciplines (painting and dance) at once, each one informing the other. And although my work is for the most part abstract, it is generated by images that suggest specific underlying content. Staying true to my process is an essential component in the creation of my art. I intend all of my work to have an 'over-the-top', slightly absurd, irreverent sensibility evoking dream-like narratives that are story lines for myths of today's world.

48 Grand St.
# 3
Brooklyn, NY 11249

acrylic and flashe on canvas

Ready to Hang

One-Of-A-Kind, 30 in H x 40 in W


"in your mind and body" depicts an interweaving and overlapping of linear, structures and organic, random forms.