Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray left a career as a commodity trading professional in 2010, returned from Switzerland to New York City, and decided to give art making a 100% commitment. In the last three years, Murray completed two prestigious residencies: one at the Vermont Studio Center where he received an artist grant, and the other at Arteles in Finland, a highly experimental international residency. He has shown across the country in group shows. He received a BA from Davidson College where well-known abstract painter Herb Jackson encouraged Murray to pursue his passion for painting. Murray lives in New York City and works tirelessly in the studio developing his craft.


My work is grounded in the language of painting that spans the significant periods of contemporary and modern art. I utilize formal elements to express ideas about weight, gravity, volume, and space. My work conveys a language or icognography set within an imaginative world. The resulting paintings exhibit an enthusiasm, a sense of irony, and a playfulness.

67 West Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Please contact me anytime for a studio visit!

oil on canvas

One-Of-A-Kind, 36 in H x 52 in W


completed in 2012