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How to Buy Art: A Beginner’s Cheat Sheet

LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING: Artsicle operates a virtual open studio, putting users in contact with more than 5,000 artists in 88 countries.

Best of NY: Rent a Poodle

New York Magazine's "Best of New York 2014" includes Artsicle in a new rental focused section.

Les sites d'art se mettent au e-commerce

Vanity Fair France profiles 5 up-and-coming art startups from around the world, including Artsicle.

Small Empires: Artsicle

Join Alexis Ohanian as he talks to cofounders Alex Tryon (formerly of American Express) and Scott Carleton (formerly a nuclear engineer), as well as Brooklyn-based artist Dan Bina, on Small Empires

Hung Up: Great Art at Affordable Prices

Shopping for art is tricky. On the one hand, we know it’s an investment and we totally want artists to be paid fairly for their work. On the other hand, original art can be really expensive. Luckily, we’ve found three new price-conscious ways to own the pieces we love.

No closet space? No problem

Startups rent paintings, bridesmaids' dresses and other items to people for whom (owning) less is more.

Artsicle: Affordable Art for Rent

All of this is to say: choosing artwork for your home of can be challenging. What you feel like living with on your walls can change according to taste and to mood. While there are some pieces you will likely love for a lifetime, there are other pieces that feel right for a while, but as we change, so too does our feeling about the work...

Gallerists to the People

Artsicle is the ear-catching name for an offbeat venture, an online business that rents art cheaply. Ms. Tryon and Mr. Carleton have taken aim at novice collectors with small budgets, limited art knowledge and no appetite for the intimidating atmosphere at many established art galleries.

Good Office Art. No, Really.

Two NYC-based companies offer a few new ways to decorate your office space.

Affairs of the Art

From a former Institute of Contemporary Art intern and, randomly, a nuclear engineer, Artsicle lets you rent art you love for $25 and up per month.

Affordable Art—to buy or rent (Video)

Blogger & AfterBuzz TV host Natasha Frakes dives in to the world of Artsicle, with a video interview of Dan Teran in the new office.

41 Female Founders Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Mashable highlights 41 accomplished female founders - including Artsicle co-founder Alexis Tryon. With businesses ranging from fashion and ecommerce to careers and social networks, these movers and shakers are changing the face of tech.

Artsicle: On a Mission to Change the Art World (Video)

Alexis Tryon and Scott Carleton are setting out to change the way people buy art. Entrepreneur's Diana Ransom talks to the founders of Artsicle about how they came up with their vision.

Artsicle Lets Customers Rent Pieces of Art (Video)

Artsicle co-founder Alexis Tryon talks about the art rental market for consumers and corporate customers. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves”.

Fine Art for Everyone: Five Cutting-Edge Sites for Collectors and Newbies Alike

TIME examines websites aimed at bringing fine art to the (hopefully art-buying) masses.

30 Under 30: The Essential Names to Know

Artsicle co-founders, Alexis and Scott, are listed among Elle’s noteworthy newcomers, burgeoning talent, and emerging faces in pop culture, fashion, digital, and beyond.

The 19 Hottest Power Couples in Tech

(This one just made us laugh!) In honor of Valentine’s Day, we compiled a list of the most influential and inspiring couples in technology.

StyleCaster's Top 25 IT Kids of 2011

This year's inaugural list of IT (internet technology)kids cuts a wide swath across the entertainment, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, media and the digital fields. Artsicle - 20 of 23

Search. Appreciate. Buy.

Building an art collection often requires cultivating relationships with a global network of dealers, gaining an understanding of the art galaxy's internal politics, attending respected art fairs and auctions...

Is it worth renting art to give our home a high-end look?

"Art completes a property. It's always a good idea to borrow it or rent it" before you put your home on the market.

Alexis Tryon and Artsicle (Radio)

Artsicle appealed to me because it made me think that if I ever had a little bit of extra funds, I could constantly re-arrange and remodel myliving space according to my artistic affinity of the time.

After Bootstrapping For A Year, Monthly Art Rental Startup Artsicle Raises $390,000 Seed Round

With the help of AngelList, Artsicle raised a $390,000 seed round.

The Netflix of the Art World (Video)

Co-founder and CEO Alexis Tryon speaks with host Laurel Touby and Jennifer Hill about developing the idea for the company, and explains why listening to customer feedback is essential to growing a successful startup.

Up-and-Coming Accelerator First Growth Venture Networks Introduces 16 Cool New Startups

Announcing the 16 startups of FGVN Vintage Four, including Artsicle.

Silicon Alley 100

New York City had a break out year in 2011, riding a wave of tech enthusiasm to heights it's never seen before.

Artsicle Exhibits Excellence

ean-Michel Basquiat, Emily Dickinson, Gil-Scott Heron, Vincent Van Gogh. The list goes on and on. Some of art’s greatest works have been produced by individuals.

The Dot.ComArt Boom. It’s Here. It’s Now. Should You Pay Attention?

Would you buy a million dollar house you’d never been in? A $100,000 car you’d never driven? A $20,00 diamond you’d never seen sparkle in the light?

4 Top Customer Service Tips for Small Business

Once upon a time, customers knew the people they were buying from: The grocer, the butcher, the pharmacist and other neighborhood characters. It’s what Gary…

How Would You Market Art for Rent?

Four entrepreneurs offer Artsicle their marketing ideas and help the start-up craft a following.

Start-Ups Vie to Become Netflix of Fine Art

Two digital start-ups in New York’s burgeoning tech scene are offering a new way for would-be art collectors to dip a tow in the market: by renting works…

25 Hot NYC Startups You Need to Watch

Renting expensive items, like cars, clothing and apartments, has proven to be a promising business model for GetAround, Rent the Runway, and AirBnB…

Art Goes Democratic

“I strongly believe that artists should be able to make a living selling their work,” says Alexis Tryon. “They shouldn’t be living off government grants and the…”

Artsicle Brings Art to the Masses (Video)

Artsicle, a New York-based start-up, lets users rent original pieces of art for $50 a month before they commit to purchasing it. The company is part of…

Artsicle Lets Indecisive New Yorks Rent Art Before They Commit to Buying

Start browsing the artwork available on Artsicle.com, and it won’t be long before a window pops up offering a real live curator to help you make your selection…

“Try before you buy” Art Comes to US

Getting into the world of art collecting can be a difficult business if you’re a beginner. But a new website in the US is offering would-be collectors the chance to…

Renting Art for Your Home (Video)

A New York web-based program makes it possible for indecisive art lovers to enjoy a variety of artwork without having to suffer from buyer’s remorse…

Barely Hatched, Startups Take Flight for SXSW

Almost 2,000 miles from New York, a posse of the city’s tech entrepreneurs gathered Sunday at an SXSW offshoot to network, recruit and pitch…

Art with an Option to Buy

When building a collection, it’s important to make sure the individual elements comfortably mesh with one another...

Artsicle.com Wants to be Netflix for Fine Art

For many of us, being an art collector sounds as plausible as being an astronaut. An entire language, mysterious rules, and prohibitive prices prevent us from hanging…

Can’t Afford to Buy That Nice Painting? Rent It, for Cheap.

Perhaps luxury rentals are a compromise for life in a post-recession era. With our hands freshly slapped from over-spending, instead of buying whatever we want…

New Netflix-like Site Rents our Art Instead of Movies

Thinking of buying original art, buy fearful of making a commitment? A pair of New York entrepreneurs may have the perfect solution.

Artsicle Provides a Much Needed Disruption to the Modern Art Market

What is Artsicle? It’s a disruptive platform showcasing emerging artists to the world with a rental model for everyman art lovers. By joining Artsicle, users like you…

Startup Lets You Rent Fine Art, Netflix Style

Purchasing fine art can be a frustrating project that requires traveling to multiple galleries, doing research and fretting over a decision that’s hard to undo…

Artsicle Makes it Easy for Anyone to Become an Art Collector

Stepping into the world of art collecting can be a costly and difficult experience, especially for the uninitiated. New York City- based Artsicle, which is launching…


Artsicle is the platform to discover today's artists, working in your neighborhood and around the world.


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