Timur York


Timur York

Timur York is an American conceptual artist based in Bushwick, New York City.

His area of interest is centered around the concepts of: Time, Place and History. He depicts issues facing contemporary society through the use of graphic iconography, photography, and mixed media.

Timur’s work is on permanent outdoor display at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C., as well as public and private collections.


Data and Statistics are a uniquely human way of presenting and analyzing information. From marketing, science, politics, economy, to relationships, they claim to give us facts about any topic imaginable. They do so by breaking down complexities of emotion and human experience into lines of color and shapes. 

I create statistics out of the desire to achieve visually stimulating compositions based on personal appeal. Similarly to the way some statisticians may choose to present their research by arranging facts to their liking in order to illustrate their opinion or influence an agenda. By drawing a parallel between the act of art making and data charting, I attempt to question the over-reliance and over-saturation of Big Data in all aspects of our lives as sources of truth. But the only undisputed fact is that a chart is always a product of its maker.

137 St. Nicholas Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237