Thomas Huber


Thomas Huber

We crave certainty; we love to put a period at the end of a sentence, and that is that. But take a close look at people, a real close look, and you'll find inconsistencies and contradictions--and that's where a closer look is needed, not a category or a definition that tells you, that reassures you: all right, you've got it! The closer you look, the more one picture turns into two and three and four and more. -William Carlos Williams In my paintings I juxtapose various unrelated media and imagery which I build up to create a unified picture. I start by creating a thickly sculpted gesso ground that I gouge into and add collage of found lists, doodles, diagrams and other personal notations (mostly made by others). Over this base I use water and ink to create fluid drawings derived from natural forms and biological structures. The mixture of flowing water and other materials help to determine the progression of the images, creating a liquid ecosystem of overlapping organic forms. I then use various inks, acrylics, oil pastels, venetian plaster, photo transfers, waxes and varnishes to create layers that flow in and out of each other to reveal recognizable and semi-recognizable images.

36 Pine St.
Cold Spring, NY 10516