Teddi Rogers


Teddi Rogers

Teddi I Rogers is a Manhattan based artist who works and lives on the Upper West Side. In 2008 she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) in affiliation with Tufts University. She has been exhibiting her work throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn since 2009. Teddi believes that an artist should work compulsively but with commitment, take chances, have fun, fall in love with the act of creating, but never become too attached to the creation. Loss is a real thing.


What does the imprint of loss look like? My own erosion informs my creative process. I work to dissect and analyze the spectrum of emotions that arises when one processes loss, and to create pieces that access this complex behavior. The role that memory plays in this experience is primordial. My muses reside in past life. Lost loves, family, friends, fleeting moments, and significant places each play a part in the work. I am able to extract beauty from the pain and sadness inherent in a fleeting existence, and I aim to harness the visceral potency activated by sensory memory triggers. These emotional assaults can be pleasurable, bittersweet, or can draw new blood from old wounds. They are gentle reminders that time may pass, but not without leaving its mark. All of my art is created with the nature of memory in mind. My stylistic choices reference the abrasion of details, moments of clarity and fog, vulnerability, frailty, and the passage of time. The relationship between my viewer and their memories will affect how they experience each piece. I explore universal narratives through a myriad of mediums. No matter the material, I work in layers. Delicate skins draw the eye into the belly of the art. Textures, organic materials, heightened color, varied line and stroke are used to activate different pressure points of the visual sense. These devices are used in the way that a smell, taste, or place can prompt a remembrance. The resulting images are fragile yet penetrating. Despite this variety of visual approaches, my voice remains consistent from piece to piece. It is a voice that speaks of dichotomies. It discusses the beautiful with the grotesque, life alongside death, sadness in line with happiness, the delicate, and the intense. It emits tones of femininity, romance, intimacy, and longing.


b. 1986, Bronxville, NY
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 2008School of the Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, BFA
  • 2008Tufts University, BFA
  • 2013Skinned, FXFOWLE Gallery, New York, NY
West 89th street
New York, NY 10024