Susan Allbert


Susan Allbert

Susan is a British born Artist and Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Along with her practice as an artist, she has worked for iconic names in the world of Fashion and Home furnishing in both Europe and the U.S.
Her work examines enviromental issues and human impacts on the natural world, encouraging discourse and bluring the lines between Art and Design.
She recieved an MFA from the Royal College of Art, London and a BA Honors in Textile Design from the University of Cenrtal England. Her work has been shown at the Central Park Armory, The Gowanus Studio Space and in Bryant Park, New York during Climate Week NYC.


The premise of my work is that every action has a consequence. It is about daily consumption, ownership and appetite, and how our experience of these concepts affect our environments and our planet . I use the ordinariness of domesticity as a vehicle to explore how the cheapest and most mundane artifact can have a very powerful social and environmental impact. Satire and the element of surprise are both important aspects of my installations.
The audience is encouraged to engage and connect with the work, exploring and examining notions of possession, rejection, cause and effect. My hope, is that by interacting with the piece, both visually and physically, the viewer is impelled to reflect on some of these ideas and become part of the conversation on climate impact.
My starting point is often the collection and documentation of discarded and weathered pieces of garbage. To me, these objects have a kind of beauty. They are repeatedly reproduced throughout my work, a reminder of their permanence in our landscape and a testimony to their futility.  I ”package” them in highly decorative ways, transforming them and shifting the context in which they are perceived. Through the use of color and unexpected medium they are transformed into something appealing, enticing, familiar. The subject matter is hidden in plain sight. Through this transformation I invite the viewer to examine their relationships to the forgotten debris of daily life and to understand the power of choice we all have as consumers.


b. 1966
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 1991Master of Arts RCA Printed Textiles. Royal College of Art, London, England., MA
  • 1989Bachelor of Arts with Honours, 1st Class. University of Cenrtal England, BA
166 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215