Stefanie Jasper

Stefanie Jasper

While attending the Art Students League in Manhattan over 25 years ago, Stefanie Jasper bought a camera to photograph scenes she might like to paint. Her love for the camera quickly struck home in her heart. She put her fine art classes aside and focused her energy on photography. After working with a portrait/wedding photographer in a small town in New Jersey for three years she started her own business, Jasper-Sky Photographers which soared like a rocket. Stefanie traveled the globe photographing amazing weddings. Her work was published in all the best wedding magazines. She worked with many celebrity event planners and at the finest venues. Stefanie spoke in Las Vegas at a WPPI convention to a packed crowd. After giving birth in 1996, Stefanie decided to focus her energy on her child and maintain a quiet business photographing portraits and events for a select clientele. 2013 brings her back full circle to her fine art work. Her days are presently filled with music, photographing, and creating mostly intricately layered abstract explosions of color, sometimes sweet quiet studies of the loveliness in nature, and always a surprise!


thoughts, studies, possibilities, ideas, works in progress, fishing, greasing the wheels, wandering with and without aim, searching, love it, hate it, reaching, often excited by it, crying sometimes, lost sometimes, finding my way most of the time, overwhelmed with the sweetness of creating really cool images all of the time… artist my whole life… professional photographer for a long time…

My new studio is being designed. Construction will start in the fall of 2013. I hope to welcome visits in the beginning of 2014.