Sophie Staerk


Sophie Staerk

Ann Stophie Staerk was born in 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark where she graduated from the Royal Collage of Art from the painting and Graphic School in 1999. Since then she has been doing various show both in galleries and museums in Denmark and abroad.

When she first exhibited in the Unites States in 2003 she was part of the group Quirky Girls that showed at the DCA Gallery on 22nd street in Chelsea. The same show Was invited to Horsens Museum of Art in Denmark, where it was nominated for a prize. In 2004 Staerk got accepted to be at the Prestigious program ISCP in New York and decided to stay in the city.

The artist’s pictorial universe is inspired by her adopted city New York and Copenhagen, her hometown. The frenzy of NY, its myriad of people and its irresistible vivacity is a contrast to the tranquil Danish city where nature and design play a part in both urban and home life. She continue to keep up with exhibiting in both her hometown and New York. In Denmark she just had her solo show at Rohde Contemporary gallery, Copenhagen and numerous group shows. In New York Staerk has been part of Scope Art Basel, Miami 2005 and Armory show and have showed at The Salvatorre Gallery 5th ave in 2006. In 2008 she did a big wall art mural at the Dune design store in Tribeca.

72 East 3rd St
New York, NY 10003