Sandra Schow


Sandra Schow

Sandra Schow was born and has resided most of her life in Idaho, but she has also lived in Denmark and England where her artistic interests were broadened.  She has taken art courses at four different universities but did not become serious about making art until her children were older.  In the techniques of three-dimensional assemblage, she is
self- taught. Her work has frequently been compared to that of the Russian-American artist, Louise Nevelson.

She has had several one person shows, and her work has been shown in numerous regional exhibits.  She has sold work in galleries in, Salt Lake City, Utah, St. George, Utah, Park City, Utah, Stone Harbor, New Jersey, and Carmel, California.  She has had a long selling relationship with Houshang's Gallery in Santa Fe. NM. where she continues to exhibit.  She is still actively engaged in creating her work.


I began as a painter committed to meticulous realism but gradually began constructing both wall and free-standing assemblage sculptures almost exclusively from found objects or pre-used materials. I love to use vibrant color; I love to juxtapose forms and textures; I love the complications of three-dimensionality.

The challenge is to discover the most interesting possibilities inherent in the miscellaneous material.  Sometimes I have in mind a theme from my reading or reflection, sometimes it can be a matter of playful discovery, but it is a highly intuitive process. 

I would like my art to be a catalyst for the viewers' own creattive imagination rather than have them stop short at the boundaries of my own.
                                                              Sandra Schow


b. 1935, Preston, Idaho USA
Lives and works in Pocatello, Idaho USA

5648 Arrowhead Drive
Pocatello, ID 83204
Please contact me by phone or email address if you are interested in my work.