Russell Jones


Russell Jones

I am inspired by the artists and designers of the Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstätte and Deco Era. These artists from the early part of the 20th Century experimented freely and moved effortlessly from discipline to discipline designing costume furniture, tableware, and jewelry. As a modern interdisciplinary artist, I use all of the skills I have learned and refined over the course of my lengthy career, with each area of knowledge contributing independently to my jewelry practice. Thanks to my years spent studying and practicing illustration, I’m an excellent draftsman able to create detailed jewelry renderings to communicate designs to clients and craftsmen and to teach these skills to students. I begin my design process with detailed drawings and keep a large library of sketchbooks as a personal archive for research and inspiration. In addition, my professional experience as a digital designer allows me to envision and realize my jewelry studio's print and internet presence, and my familiarity with digital photography and retouching contributes to the overall success of presentation. My jewelry making processes and techniques that are traditional in nature. All my pieces are made by hand in my studio, with settings formed from wire and plate. My work is driven by the colorful and often imperfect, but perfectly beautiful, stones I select. They make each piece inherently unique and I am very careful to preserve the evidence of the handcraft that goes into the work. My design sensibility is modern but not sterile, with a very subtle nod to historical styles of jewelry. I prefer a spare approach utilizing visible construction so that the pieces do not feel overly decorative. I incorporate the settings into the design of each piece, and elements like the prongs, bezels, and rivets become as important as the stones or metals used. I enjoy introducing subtle subversive qualities into my work: Earrings are purposely mismatched, and stones are inverted wrong way out. My goal is to make striking unique pieces that are wearable, collectible, and covetable.

94 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215