Richard Deming Jr


Richard Deming Jr

Richard has been a respected professional photographer in the Grand Rapids area for over 35 years. Award winning, published, recognized for the creativity and unique style he achieves in his work.

From weddings, to commercial work, events, families, creative art studies to auto and racing photography, Richard brings a diverse variety to his craft. Always changing, always up for a challenge from a reflective moment to an urban exploration road trip, Richard always see's the world differently.

Richards background is unique from studying at Kendall School of Design in the early seventies, going into advertising and marketing in Chicago then teaching himself photography. The school of experience and hard knocks that come with owning various studios and making a living doing what you love.

Richard has always told students and peers, don't do photography because you want to make a fortune, do photography because it is your calling and what you need to do in your soul.


Photography is my life's adventure. See things others don't. See things different. If you don't or won't challenge yourself every day you have a camera in your hand you've lost that day, that opportunity to save that one special moment in time that will never happen again.

My work is based on the challenge, the opportunity, chance and a little   luck the special moments will happen around me IF I open my eyes and see what others can't. I think even the smallest details should be captured and recorded as the moments in time I need to save for myself and future generations, to show them what was happening in the world as I had seen it.

I've always said "You'll never take the perfect photo, IF you think you have, put the camera down and walk away" there is always something you missed to see.