Reina Kubota


Reina Kubota

Reina Kubota graduated with both BFA & MFA from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts and Music in Aichi, Japan. There she learned how to sculpt in the most classical sense. Everyone in her family has been or is currently a practicing artist. She truly spent the early years of her life living and breathing art. Over the years she became interested in giving form to abstract ideas like trust, love, death and identity.


My current process of making art revolves around finding value in any kind of thing, whether it be visible or invisible, from the street or from your daily life.

From my point of view, Japanese culture and Western culture are completely opposite in terms of understanding the beauty in not only art but in everyday objects. In my culture, if something, say a stone for example, is innately beautiful, nothing more needs to be said about it. Westerners, on the other hand, seem to feel the need to endlessly discuss and compare the relative value of things. Where Japanese people place the ultimate value on harmony, Western people have no such concept, at least not in the way we perceive it, with harmony to us being the spine that supports our entire society and culture.

These cross-cultural observations are what led me to the idea that I needed to explore the value of everyday items and emotions and somehow use this to understand the Western idea of value, while along the way trying to use what I learned to find my own value to the world and the people around me.

Understanding the value of everyday things (and sometimes emotions), requires looking at the world with a perspective I learned from my mother, which involves disgarding received wisdom about the basic functionality of any object and figuring out what purpose I can put it to. The obvious view is not necessarily a helpful view, and this is true regardless of whether we’re talking about love or garbage from the street. Garbage, no one really cares about, but of course everyone cares about love.

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