Rebecca Schweiger


Rebecca Schweiger

“Rebecca’s artwork shows a rare sensitivity to fundamental issues of human concern which she aptly expresses in her artwork.” -Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate In our modern culture, there has been an explosion of interest in spirituality and the quest for the authentic self. My artwork is a sensitive, intimate, and evocative reflection of our ongoing human journey towards spirituality, consciousness and the freedom for people to be their authentic, truest selves. My paintings are the place where I express my soul on canvas. I am especially interested in creating a visual language where each viewer is invited into quiet contemplation and a deeper connection to one’s true self through my artwork. I am most excited and inspired by expressing myself freely and passionately through a versatile, full range of artistic materials. In many of my works, I create intimate windows into the human inner-world through a multi-layered approach beginning with soft layers of ink, watercolors, acrylic paint, oil paint, and gold or bronze leaf. Organic shapes and layers of charcoal, graphite, wax, and pastel are then weaved into the canvas, thus portraying the intricate uniqueness of each living being. Brilliantly colored oil paint often completes the canvas's surface. The presence of the "Divine Universe", the mysterious life force that lives within all living beings, flows like a river through each of my artworks and offers an opportunity for dialogue with one's "true self". My artwork creates a colorful, dynamic language of the true essence and spirit that exists within us all.

145 West 96 Street
Manhattan, NY 10025