Ralph graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1985 and over the past 27 years has enjoyed a career in illustration, graphic design, art management and computer systems. In recent years Ralph has been concentrating on landscape painting as a member of the St. Philip Artists' Guild. He is developing a style of spontaneous, energetic, expressive brushwork, bordering on the abstract; his aim is finding a balance between visual accuracy and purely emotional expression. With each painting, the goal is to narrate both the subject matter and the actual process of painting. Landscapes are a favorite subject because they lend themselves to exploring various moods and stories simply through changes in light and scale. More importantly, landscapes are a treasured part of Ralph's childhood growing up in the Campania and Tuscany regions of Italy, and to this day they continue to provide inspiration and fulfillment. Ralph resides in Norwalk with his wife Kali and children Adrienne, Tyler and Olivia.


For me, painting is about finding a connection with the subject matter, a bond that allows me to discover and interpret the subject's story in the artwork. Sometimes this connection is immediate, other times not so much; either way it's the spark that sets the process in motion and makes it immensely enjoyable because it transforms the act of painting into an intimate, meaningful moment.

Studio visits can be arranged by appointment.