Rachel Cohen


Rachel Cohen

In one sense, my work is a personal exploration of my life, where elements of chance and intention are juxtaposed, channeling the challenges that arise over the course of daily life. On a larger level, my process also lends itself to the development of a greater frustration tolerance, as I am able to work out responses to contemporary social issues and other sources of dissatisfaction that are all too prominent in the current sociocultural context. Working from a combined base of spontaneous image creation and conceptual material, a balance between cognition and emotion has allowed me to better navigate the larger world and to transform my frustrations into something new, infused with new meaning for both the viewer and myself. I also seek to explore the viewer’s role to art as a parallel process of interpersonal relations in a larger context, highlighting the importance of engaging with both our surroundings as well as others around us. Viewers inevitably project various meanings based on personal experience onto artwork, and the text and Rorschach-like nature of the spontaneous ink process opens up space for different ways of relating to each individual piece.

213 Taaffe Place Apt 514
Brooklyn, NY 11205