Yu-Chun "Pony" Ma


Yu-Chun "Pony" Ma

   Yu-Chun "Pony" Ma was born in 1983 in Taipei city, Taiwan. He began drawing at an early age and was heavily inspired by Japanese manga.   
    Pony’s art stopped progressing at the age of 15, when he went to study Electronic Engineering in high school. Since then, he hadn't had a chance to pursue his art career. In 2005, Pony receive his Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering.   

    In 2007, Pony moved to New York and two years later, he has decided to pick up his pencils and keep pursuing his childhood dream of being an artist. Therefore, he went to study Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology. At the school, he had learned perspective and color theory, and developed his skills with acrylics.   

    Pony got influences by many contemporary Pop Surrealism artists such as Robert Williams,Todd Schorr, Greg Simkins, Scott Musgrove, Nathan Ota, and Mark Ryden etc.


    My artwork tends to create an imaginary world which has been buried deeply in my mind since my childhood.  In my work, I deconstruct iconic pop culture characters then use my own imagination to recreate an image which represents my inner world.

    People always ask me if there are any stories behind my work and the answer is always the same -“No.”  My work is like a puzzle.  There are so many pop culture characters and items involved in each painting; I love watching people staring at my work and trying to recognize all of them.  Sometimes people even create their own stories for my work and I’m happy with that.  Most of my work has a mix of darkness and humor.  These two elements create a perfect harmony.  Some people have described my work as “bizarre but in an interesting way”, but that is not intentional; it all happens naturally while I am composing the image.  I’ve never wanted to deliver any message through my work. I just want people to join this journey with me and remember the fun times we’ve all had in our childhood.


b. 1983, Taipei City, Taiwan
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2013Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA
  • 2006National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (Taiwan), BA
  • 2013Trouble Maker, Freddy's bar , Brooklyn, NY
  • 2014Lina Hsiao & YuChun "Pony" Ma, Freddy's bar, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2014Introductions, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Small Works Show, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013“Brooklyn Art Space Summer Salon” , Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Small work, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Summer Salon, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Gowanus Open Studio, Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2013Curator's award, 440 gallery
  • 2013Brooklyn Art Space, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
168 7th st.
Brooklyn, NY 11215