This year, it's
Keeping things in way too long,
exhaling, finally letting go.
come and see...
(guaranteed to take your breath away, if you're willing!)

From 2013

To me,
the Gowanus Canal 

is a marvelous metaphor

for the Collective Unconscious.

All of us,

the Great Unknown,

the things we want to forget,

the things we never admitted we would do,

have done, did, should do, ignored-

It's not our fault, 

we knew all along, benefitted, lied,

we can hide if we fail to look, don't you see?

So, I propose to build 

seven honest little lithe white boats 

to float on this fetid fluid past.

I'll lash them together and add all of your

fondest future hopes, happiest dreams, your worst nightmares-

Write them down for me


(or not, if you're like that)

Whatever you want to see, released.

A call for papers...

Hundreds of tiny scraps of paper, collected anonymously, from all of us,

for all of us,


as one.

We'll make torches of them, bowsprits for the boats-

soak them (and their binding cord) in fuel.

Lit at dusk, on the high tide, full moon

burning through, drifting apart

to help us remember.

to forget.

Contribute, Collaborate, Come and See-

it's free

on the banks and bridges of the Gowanus, location to be announced

280 Nevins St.
down alley behind bldg
Brooklyn, NY 11217