Peter Dannenbaum


Peter Dannenbaum

My work investigates the expression and architecture of humanity through painting hands. Specifically I look to examine the communicative potential hands possess. Using hands as a metaphor I am able to discuss vastly different aspects of humanity from architecture, personal relationships and emotional expression whilst maintaining a consistent rhythm and form. Colour theory is an important aspect of the work; an aspect that accentuates the expression within the pose and further speaks to the conversation within the painting. The metaphor is therefore realised through the prominence of gesture and the colour comprising the image. My approach is often sculptural, in that the application of the paint is an explorative process to find the physicality of the hands, the knuckles the bones, and how they affect different forms of emotions. Often the surface is left raw, allowing for a relationship between the painted and the unpainted, the real and the unreal. Exposing the canvas is often a crucial element to the painting as it brings attention to the physicality of the surface, the reality of the work, and thus the physicality of the painting and the hands themselves.

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