Olivier Bonnet


Olivier Bonnet

Olivier has been drawing since childhood. He grew up and lived in several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa where he mingled with local artists, which influenced his creativity and sensitivity. Amongst other artistic ventures during these stays, he shot and developed black and white photographs and explored Chinese calligraphy. For the last fifteen years, he has published cartoons in the quarterly publications of an international humanitarian organization.

Olivier settled in the Ottawa region in 2005. He became involved in the arts scene, performing in community theatre (Théâtre de l’Île) and in the visual arts. He has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in the Outaouais region and in Ottawa, such as in the Arts Centre in Chelsea and the New Art Festival in Ottawa.


My work is mostly figurative. I love and still practice photography.

I draw some of my inspiration from recycling old images and photographs, combining both my passions. Some of these images marked their time, most are now long forgotten or timeless. I enjoy giving them a new life through my own compositions, using traditional materials and techniques: charcoal, graphite, felt pen, pastel, aquarelle, gouache or ink.

I favour a purely aesthetic pursuit: an expressive gaze, an appealing light, an interesting composition. I look for connections between my subject matter, the tools I use and the medium – an assortment of paper or translucent geographic maps of various origins. However elaborate or precise the technique might be, my favourite modes of expression are graphite, charcoal and ink for drawing, gouache or watercolour for painting. They allow me to fully soak in my representations and spark an esthetic emotion.

I also make drawings with loose white sand on a black board, take a photograph and start over again. Like the wind's changing patterns on sand dunes, I enjoy the beauty of ephemeral creations.


b. 1960, Constantine, Algeria
Lives and works in Gatineau, Canada

  • 1989Aix-Marseille University, BA
  • 2016Territoires Féminins, Le Foubrac, Gatineau
  • 2016Moods on Maps, Bluebird Coffee Gallery, Ottawa
  • 2015L'Erotica, Old Chelsea
  • 2014Exposition annuelle des membres, Chelsea Arts Centre, Old Chelsea
  • 2013Exposition annuelle des membres, Chelsea Arts Centre, Old Chelsea
  • 2016New Art Festival, Glebe, Ottawa
  • 2015New Art Festival, Glebe, Ottawa