Nora Nadoban


Nora Nadoban

Im a Hungarian painter, visual artist, who lives mostly in London, Uk. My works are exhibited in England and Hungary. Most preferred medium is painting and photography. Main subject matter is still life (fishes) and street lives.
I finished an MA degree in Fine art painting in 2013, and worked 3 years as a journalistic photographer.
Also do art teaching, concept design, graphics and illustration.


The pictures of Nora Nadoban are hard to put under one sheme. The always experimenting artist plays with different art material, from traditional oil paint to such extremes as gloss paint on glass and metal. This wild focus describes the topic of her pictures as well; her main influence is however herself, and her emotional states – which interacts with the world surrounded her. The elements are choosen from the melting pot of memories and fantasy, blended with random influances, then spilled on to the very plains of pictures. The strong contrast between the colourful and the blighted themes play a fine game with the spectator. Nora’s purpose is to involve everybody into the play by letting the narrative reach everyone in their own way, leaving open gates to solution and meaning.  


Lives and works in London, United Kingdom

  • 2013University of Pecs, MA
  • 2011University of Hertforshire
I hold life drawing classes across the UK. If interested keep get in touch.