Nathan Wasserbauer


Nathan Wasserbauer

My current work explores the passage of time beyond our lifespan. We are now in a unique position to understand not only the evolution of our own species, but also to further comprehend the physical world that existed before human introduction. Through this understanding we have gained a glimpse into the future of how our relationship with our environment may develop, and what effect we might leave on our world long after we have gone. The essential proposition of gauging what is needed versus what is wasted in our lives extends from the real to the hyper real. In an age of industrial, digital and genetic revolution, aspects of life can be viewed as perpetually self-sustaining systems, or excessive consumption leading to irreversible loss. I draw and paint geometry with light and color. The traditions of western and eastern painting inspire my work from my formal education, along with my childhood of comics, cartoons and toys. Monumental, minimal forms merge with minute repetitive textures to create images influenced both by Renaissance tapestries and the digital crawls on a jumbo-tron screen. Kinetic clusters and vessels dominate the foreground to bridge the gap between abstraction and narrative painting. Infrastructure, transportation, linguistics and mass communication are unified to expand and continue the story. My process moves continually between drawing on paper and working digitally.


b. 1974
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2006University of Pennsylvania, MFA
  • 1997Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA
  • 2013Housewarming: Notions of Home from the Center of the Universe, BRIC House, Brooklyn, NY
147 23 street
Brooklyn, NY 11232