Naomi Davies


Naomi Davies

Naomi has been influenced by the great artists, Matisse, Picasso, Modigliani and the German Expressionists. But her work is original. In her semi abstract paintings she transmits onto canvas the emotion felt by the subject of the painting and her feelings towards the subject. The paintings are in bright acrylic colors, often textured. The paintings elicit a powerful response.


I was born in Manchester, England. My father was Polish, a Holocaust survivor. My mother was English. He recast his life in Manchester as an accountant and married my mother. I grew up in a middle class family, the oldest of four. My mother had wanted to give my father a new large family. I graduated from the University of Newcastle on Tyne with a joint Honors degree in English Language and Literature then taught English to middle school and college age students. I had also married and produced four children.

In 1977 my family and I emigrated to the U.S. We lived in Washington D.C. for two years. I taught at a private school in Bethesda, Maryland.

In 1979 we moved to Mamaroneck, New York. For twenty two years I worked for the New York city department of education, mainly at Christopher Columbus  and Evander. I got divorced and found a new partner. 

I studied for and obtained an M.A. In English and Education, I did most of the 
course work for an M.A. in History but did not complete the degree.

Meanwhile, my four children married and produced ten grandchildren. As they got older I wrote little  plays for family occasions. On Thanksgiving they performed a very shortened version of the Wizard of Oz.
I had not painted at all. I developed some hobbies. I read constantly mostly nineteenth century fiction; I recorded a VoiceOver CD, I was an extra in Law and Order, I saw some plays and watched many movies. I drew, often in markers. I kayaked. I biked round the city. I moved to the city. I walked the streets of New York.

In September I enrolled in Ronnie Landfield's Life, Composition and Design class at the Art Student League of Bew League of New York. For two months I had no idea what to do. I mostly drew the model.

But In November I began to paint and in January I stood  in the second floor gallery of the Art Student League and looked at a blue dot next to my four foot by two and a half foot abstract portrait. The blue dot meant that someone thought this  painting, entered in Ronnie Landfield's class show, was quite good.

I paint in the studio five days a week. I am prolific. Since November I have produced sixty paintings, some very large. I work in acrylic. I usually paint young women, often only their head and shoulders. Some of the women wear hats. I occasionally paint older women, couples and families. 

I don't use a brush unless I am painting a large, flat area. Mostly I use my fingertips. I paint in a free, loose style, dipping my fingers in paint and sweeping them across the canvas. I don't usually draw before I paint. I just start to paint and my subconscious transmits through my fingertips the subject and my feelings towards that subject. 

I have been influenced by the German Expressionist painters, particularly the members of  De Brucke,the Bridge, such as Kirchner; by Van Gogh, Modigliani, Picasso and De Kooning.
Though I often draw from the model, and frequently draw my grandchildren, all my paintings spring from my mind. I am not painting a specific person. In my paintings  I use  color, intense or subdued but always unexpected. I paint exaggerated or dream like shapes, often textured, to express emotion. In January 2013 I am scheduled to have a solo show in Pittsburgh in a cafe/art space near my son Ben's house in Point Breeze.

With thanks and love to my partner Ving who has encouraged me; to my children Mark, Richard, Ben and Sarah; to my daughters- in- law, Rachel, Dana and Sarah;  my son- in- law, Asaf,  to my grandchildren, Emily, Nicole, Alexander, Noa, Liat, Eitan, Matan, Ilan, Yonatan and Tomer ; to my friends, but especially to Alexander who designed this website!


b. 1949, Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 1976Iona College, New Rochelle, MA
  • 2014Pittsburgh, Art Space, Linden, PA
  • 2013Semi Abstract Portraits of Women , New York City public library , New York, NY
  • 2012Greek Goddesses, Essentia Corporation, New York, NY
  • 2012Holiday Show, Bronx Borough President's office , New York, NY
107 west 86th street
New York , NY 10024
Collectors are welcome to come by and look at my work. Many of the paintings are textured - and you can't see that on a screen! The best way to contact me is by text or email -