Nadi Spencer


Nadi Spencer

Nadi Spencer’s goal is to capture her passion for nature and life with color, living her life as a professional artist for 40 years. She paints landscapes, portraits and animals in a vibrant, bold style.  Her dog portraits are popular world-wide, keeping her busy. In addition, Nadi occasionally paints murals, including a 60-foot history of the city of Fowler, Ca.


  Color and composition are most important to me. I paint all subjects, from landscapes to portraits, always looking for that balanced design.
  When I paint in acrylics, I simplify. I reduce an idea to its richest forms, then adding vibrant color to give motion to the scene. Harmony is maintained by the use of black lines. My watercolors are up-close and personal, representing a slice of the whole picture, challenging the viewer to look closer and fill in the rest of the story.
   Juggling both mediums keeps me excited and always learning. I paint 7 days a week. At this point in my life, I prefer to be working over any other activity.

41838 Sierra Dr
Three Rivers, CA 93271
I'm at my studio 7 days a week, but I'm in and out. If you call first, I'll make sure I don't miss you. Come in for a cup of coffee- anytime!