Michèle Villaume


Michèle Villaume

  • My love for the arts stretches far and wide through many different mediums. I see this amazing world as my classroom, palette and inspiration. Through color, line, space and movement my substrates come to life. I have been blessed to have traveled to many parts of the world and have found a deep passion for the asian culture. I love incorporating gorgeous Japanese Washi and Chiyogami papers into my works. I have studied in many mediums and honors courses in calligraphy and illumination. I am fascinated by the luminescence, depth and light that can be brought to a piece through the use of gold, silver and copper metal leaf. Thank you to Saatchi Art for this wonderful platform which enables we artists to share our works and thank you to you for visiting my site. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions.


Lives and works in Chaska, Minnesota