Michael Lotenero


Michael Lotenero

Michael has been working as a multi-disciplinary artist and designer for over 20 years. His clients have included The Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Nintendo, IBM, Sony Pictures and Lowes. His work has been published widely in various publications including TIME, The Wall Street Journal, How Magazine, Graphis, London's Computer Arts, BIg Magazine, The Book of Probes by Marshall Mcluhan (designed by David Carson), Big Magazine and Speak. His collaboration with José Muniain on the short film installation "Navarro", which documented his painting process was a finalist in the D.C. Independent Film Festival and was featured at the Austin Museum of Digital Art and The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Michigan. Recent projects include design and illustration for The New York Pro Show in New York City, The Quiksilver Pro Surf Competition in France, large scale and limited edition graphics for The Consol Arena/Pittsburgh, and a series of illustrations for the upcoming publication "The Book of Kink" by Eva Christina, Penguin/New York.  His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the country including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. His work is currently represented by Bill Lowe Gallery Atlanta, The Morrison Gallery/Connecticut, Marshall-Lekae/Arizona, and MFI Art/New York. He divides his time living in Pittsburgh and Brooklyn.


My current work is based on travel. I'm documenting my travels in paint instead of photographs, which lately to me is an interesting way to reflect on where I've been and how I remember those places. The pieces are abstract, and I'm into piecing together an experience, with more emotionally based imagery instead of actual, visually accurate documentation.


b. 1967, New York, NY
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

107 Berkeley Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217