Michael Crossett


Michael Crossett

Award-winning fine artist, designer and creative director located in Washington DC. He takes his inspiration from the chaos and energy of urban life, pop art, contemporary design and graffiti.

"Crossett’s work is the group’s densest and most interesting. His use of pri-mary colors and photo-transfer tech-nology recall such 1960s pop artists, such as Andy Warhol, while his montaged images suggest Robert Rauschenberg. He even invokes the third member of that troika, Jasper Johns, by superim-posing a target on some of his prints. Yet Crossett’s style is tidier than that of those precursors, and it’s not surprising to learn that he has a degree in market-ing and advertising. The art currently at plan b may be more “downtown” than Zenith’s, but it’s no edgier."
-Washington Post


As a kid, we moved around a lot because my dad was in the Air Force.  Nothing ever lasted very long.  So I’m always looking for anchors.  The things that will last.  The things that have lasted.  When I go up to Provincetown, I’m always taking pictures of old buoys and other weathered relics.  Harpoons.  Shudders with the paint peeling off.  Piles of old ropes.   Those are the things that are real for me because they’ve lasted.  Endured.  For me, that’s beauty.

My recent work has focused on the neighborhoods of DC.  As DC continues to transform, I am drawn to contrast of historic and contemporary architecture and design, commercialism, and the energy that surrounds me.  In a way, I am my own architect by creating new structures which juxtapose photography and found images with with relevant and most ofter commercial symbols and icons.  They shouldn’t always go together but do—one of the reasons I love graffiti.  If it wasn’t illegal, I’d be doing it all the time.


b. 1973, San Antonio, Texas
Lives and works in Washington, DC

  • 2010Corcoran College of Art and Design, Certificate
14th Street NW
washington , DC 20009