Michael Anzalone


Michael Anzalone

The Brooklyn Museum School of Art 
The Arts Students League of New York 
The Art Lab,SI,NY
Studio One, Brooklyn.NY
Parsons School of Design
Greenwich House Pottery 

A native New Yorker, Brooklyn born and raised from a humble middle-class catholic Italian American family in diversity and with compassion for others .An art piece is not only the representation of that communication but the amassed sum on many choices, the years of education and commitment to study and the culmination of practice and perseverance that itself creates a world was not a choice but of a calling to accept his own destiny. 
For over the course of his lifetime thru to middle age, hundreds of thousands of ideas and works have been produced and recycled and while the hope of a life filled with art is possible it does not always support the artist, therefore Michael Anzalone has worked in the entertainment industry as a Costume Designer for over 30 years of professional theatre, film and tv. 

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I am an Artist.
Thank you, 
Michael Anzalone 
The shortest Artist statement possible would be great for me,It's not possible today because you have to have concept and a diatribe of bull shit to sell anything. It's not enough to say ,look but I have to tell you why, Why do you look ? Hey,looking or not is up to you ,so slick words of not are a seduction I do not craft but I'll have a  conversation with anyone with thoughtful consideration to these statement things.
They limit me where I am only unlimited,let the critics write they have to have something to do .Alas ,it is a commitment to interdisciplinary work in a range of mediums......... Art is a guide,it is a personal narrative in a universal language to transcends.......... My artistic journey continues each new day with practice of seeing Art in the relationships.......... containment of balance or conflict...................
I work in all mediums, I do what i like and what i can ,it varies ............I   see Art as a living meditation .......I sacrifice by devoting my only life to its end .I did not choose to be as complicated and given to depression any more that i chose to be handsome and italian. (lol)
Making Art is procreation at its core ,creation of context to re-create its'self. FUCKING ONES SELF on many levels .
 I am a only the container through which energy passes and it is my job  to NOT judge it but to allow it. Art is my PIMP and I am its WHORE.
 I hope that it speaks to those who come into contact with it.
 I am protective and fearful to let go of a piece, is difficult for me to that.If I could give it away I would rather than define a price .
I hate that part so much,But I am willing to be employed ,so buy my art and employ me by paying me a living wage. Stop buying posters and cheap decorative items for your walls , If you here then your looking for great art. Buy this with confidence that "I am an artist" 

                                     ARTIST LIVES MATTER   


b. 1959, Brooklyn, NY
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 2013Arts Student League , Certificate
  • 2013Greenwich House Pottery , Certificate
  • 1979Parsons School of Design, Certificate
  • 1976Brooklyn Museum School of Fine Art, Certificate
  • 2013Sculptural Ceramics, Gallery , Essex, CT
  • 2013Mix Media ,Sculpture, Ceramic , Jane Hartsook Gallery , New York, NY
  • 2012Sculpture, Jane Hartsbrook Gallery , New York, NY
  • 2011Ceramic Art , Jane Hartsbrook Gallery , New York, NY
  • 1980Works on paper , Parson School of Design Student Gallery , New York, NY
  • 1978Paintings , Lehman College , Bronx, NY
  • 1976Collage , Brooklyn Museum Community Gallery , Brooklyn, NY
  • 2014Scholarship , Greenwich House Pottery
  • 2013Scholarship , Greenwich House Pottery
  • 2012Scholarship , Greenwich House Pottery
You can reach me by email ,please refer and share the with social media of your choice . Michael / a10040mike@aol.com