Marko Gavrilovic


Marko Gavrilovic

Marko Gavrilovic was born in 1975 Belgrade, Serbia. He graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in 2001. During his studies, along with prominent names of Serbian watercolor art, he was invited to make a piece that celebrates 800 years from the founding
of Monastery Hilandar, on the Holly Mountain in Greece.
International exhibition “Visit to the Holly Mountain” was a great
success and became a part of permanent collection of city Kareja.
In the years that followed, he practiced acrylics, sculpture, design,
illustration and drawing.
Notus Light studio was founded in 2002 where in cooperation with
his team, Gavrilovic created more than 200 light – designed pieces
during the years.
His specialties are plastic sculptural lighting forms, which ultimately
led him to the point where Art and Design cross their paths.
He is a member of Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers
of Serbia and received prize in 2013 for 60 years of founding
ULUPUDS for best in show exhibition.
His artworks are in many private collections throughout the World.
Gavrilovic represented Serbia at the International Global 2010 Fine
Art Exhibition for the FIFA World Cup, art event dedicated to lovers
of art and sport.
 One man show: 2015               Greenpoint Gallery,  Brooklyn New York 2014

  • Enlightened city - paintings & drawings, Consulate General of The Republic of Serbia in New York
  • Present & Future - Drawings, Cultural Center Grocka, Belgrade
  • Lighting sculptures exhibition together with music group  Kinš, Cultural Center Grocka, Belgrade

  • Lineament of time, paintings, drawings, sculptures, Gallery Dunav Insurance, Belgrade, May

  • Parts of light, sculptures, Cultural Center Grocka, Belgrade

  • Genesis Lighting sculptures and paintings, Gallery SKC, Belgrade, April


  • 12 rooms 12 sculptors, Residency of King Petar I, Belgrade

  • “Inside”, Lighting sculptures and drawings, Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade

  • Lines in motion, sculpture, Gallery Vladislav Marzik, Kraljevo

 From 2002 – 2011 more that 150 light pieces with Notus Light studio, still active 2001

  • Gallery Hermes,  Zemun, Serbia

  • Gallery SKC Kragujevac, Serbia

  • Blue boy, Dom Omladine, Belgrade

   Selected group shows: 2014 
  • Global Village, Abcoude, the Netherlands

  • Imperativ, design exhibition, Gallery SKC, Belgrade

  • Global Village, Landshut, Germany


  • Global Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Spring Juried Show, Greenpiont gallery, Brooklyn NY

  • Scribble it down project, Tel Aviv

  • In Living color, Studio 5404 Art space, NY
  • Gallery for contemporary art, Smederevo Serbia
  • 12 + Exhibition, City Gallery of Bar, Montenegro
  • 45 May Exhibition, 60 years of ULUPUDS, Belgrade, Serbia
  • All Creatures, Studio 5404, Art Space,  Massapequa, NY
  • EkoKult art exhibition, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, Novi Sad
  •  12 + sculpture exhibition, Contemporary gallery Pancevo, Serbia
  • Arthood Winners “Great Promise” exhibition,  New York City (winner)  
  • Global Village, Broden Cultural centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Global Village, Chateau de Sully, Burgundy, France
  • Sculptors of Serbia, Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade Serbia
  • Global Village, international exhibition, Project 072 Alkmaar,
                          Amsterdam area, Holland 
  • Decembarski Art Market – Residency of King Petra I – Belgrade
  • Golden Pen of Belgrade - 11. International biennale of illustration, Belgrade
  • “Shiny Serbian scene” Cultural Center Grad – Belgrade
  • “12 rooms 12 sculptors” – Art Market – Residency of King Petra I – Belgrade
  • Belgrade Design Week
  • Omni Design, Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade
  • Gallery Marzik, Novembar salon, Kraljevo
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Lazarevac, Cyrillic in Serbian Contemporary Art
  • 24 hours of Art, Art Point Gallery,Belgrade
  • Group exhibition, works from workshop with Hidetoshi Nagasawa Castroreale, Sicily
  • International Fine Art Collection (American-Style Auction), 2010 The Auction at Melrose, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • International Fine Art, Centro Me Barriola Granja fte. 31 CalleTegucigalpa, Honduras

  • 2010 - International Fine Art and 2010 African Fine Art, Berlin, 2010, Germany

  • Miart, Art fair, Fine Art Exhibition, Kizo Art Gallery, 2010 Milano
  • Design Exhibition, Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade
  • 42. May Exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade
  • Drawing, Gallery 108, Zemun, Serbia

  • Lighting subjects, Atelier Otklon, Belgrade

  • 41. May Exhibition, Museum of Applied, Belgrade

  • 40. May Exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade
  • Belgrade Design Week, Beograd
  • Watercolor Gallery, Belgrade
  • Journey to the Mountain, Thessaloniki,  Greece
  • Journey to the Mountain, Athens, Greece
  • Holly Mountain, Greece
  • Watercolor, Novi Sad
  • Group exhibition, SKC Kragujevac
  • Watercolor weekend  Gallery Zrenjanin
  • Portrait in time, Gallery NUBS, Belgrade
  • Furniture design, Gallery Little Singidunum, Belgrade
  • Spring meetings, Gallery Bazalt, Belgrade
  • Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade

  • Exhibition of small works, Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade

  • Furniture Fair, design exhibition, Belgrade


  • Exhibition of small works, Gallery Singidunum, Belgrade

  • Journey to the Mountain, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade


  • City of Kareja, Holly Mountain Greece

  • Private collection White, Belgrade

  • Gallery A collection, Belgrade

  • Gallery As collection, Belgrade

  • Broden Cultural centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Private collection Milojevic, New York

  • Private collection V. M. NYC

  • Private collection  A. L. Athens, Greece

  • Museum of Applied Arts Belgrade

  • Collection Avramovic, Belgrade

  • Collection Fustic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

  Awards 2014
  •  Spring Juried Show, Greenpiont gallery, Brooklyn NY
  • Prize for 60 years of founding ULUPUDS for best in show exhibition
  • Arthood “Great Promise” exhibition,  New York City (winner),  The Stephan Stoyanov Gallery 
  Live painting 
  • Live painting performance at the opening  Global Village 2012 Holland
               Live painting performance with , Global Village 2012,               Denmark
  •  SAMO Basquiat, live painting with film projection at Cultural Center Grocka, Belgrade

  • 2010 Workshop with Hidetoshi Nagasawa Castroreale, Sicily

  • 2012 Global Village Holland

     Professional Organizations 

  • The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS)

  • The Management Board member in ULUPUDS  from 2012



The reason why, I didn't set myself exclusively as a sculptor, draftsman or a painter,
it's because I meet all three, by finding my way through this symbiosis.
As if I work in one medium for quite a long, I feel overwhelmed at one point and It becomes too unidirectional...and I have to start in another medium.
I see both, painting and sculpture as divine
disciplines, but sculpture often put me on the ground, in the real world that helps me to come back from the imagination of painting and drawing.
Why Light sculptures?
Light talks about creation of life, starting from atoms, molecules, through a variety of organisms.
Does this great energy exist in a human body?
If we are a part of progressive process, why there is no progress for everything around us?
Mummy shapes on some of my sculptures, presents every man’s shell because each person live under the helmet of body.
Absorbed elements are on the surface, as impressions, memories and experiences, just, in some of my works they are visible, and in the real world they can’t be seen with the naked eye.
But when you turn on the lights , you can see everything.
What inspires me, are feelings that are connected to some events, people and places.…The amazing line between the past, present and future.…Universal messages.…Ancient, but unchangeable things and facts.…Sadness of the passing moment…crowded cities, nature stainlessness...movement.Human form or other realistic objects are important in my work.
This is a base, reference that helps me to shape body of abstracted sculpture or painting.
I can say that realism in my work is expressed through abstraction.
In process of drawing I mostly enjoy in freedom of putting these lines together.
Making art is not always easy, as you are putting yourself in a constant survey, questioning your ability to concur specific knowledge that you need to proceed. Straggling, with your inner voices …yet, sometimes I think that I can do almost everything.   


b. 1975, Belgrade, Serbia
Lives and works in NY, NY

  • 2001Academy of Applied Arts and Design, BA
  • 2015Space for lines, Greenpoint gallery, Brooklyn, Northville, NY
  • 2014Global Village 2014, Live painting
  • 201360 years of ULUPUDS, Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia