Mara Wasielewski


Mara Wasielewski

I am interested in the relationship between memory and the photographic image. Photography perpetually strives to reproduce "reality," while continually facilitating its process of recording. This overabundance of ultra-real imagery may alter our perceptions of reality, because in every incidental snapshot there is meaning assigned to a perhaps otherwise meaningless image. Reinvention of what is "real" through the both meaning and incidental images, is inevitable.

The images in the paintings are derived from my own library of ongoing snapshots. By painting these images and arranging them in a series, the viewer can then invent a new meaning. Furthermore, each painting may exist on its own or be rearranged with selected others, again producing another interpretation and thus rendering its meaning even more removed. The original subject matter becomes inconsequential as the paintings continue to create a new significance. "Reality" lies in the interaction of the painting and the viewer.

31 Bethune St
New York, NY 10014