Mallory Contois


Mallory Contois

in january of 2013, art changed my life. i wish there was a less hyperbolic way of stating that, but it's not far from the truth so i'll leave it. prior to january, i was a recent college grad wandering/stumbling/trudging through her first year of adult life. i ate eggs for dinner, i quit two jobs in six months, i listened to overly emotional country music and lost sight of the beauty of new york city.

i guess that sounds overly negative. i was happy- i have an incredible family and the best friends i could ask for, so i've always been more than alright. lucky, blessed, spoiled- choose your adjective.then, in a span of a couple of cold, january weeks, i did my first real photoshoot (as a last minute fill-in for a real photographer), i painted my first canvas piece (because i thought it might be good to finally to fill my wall with something), and i had someone tell me i was talented.

talented means something different than smart, or practiced, or accomplished. it's a word that points toward something raw, something special, something unique. it's also a word that sparks an insatiable desire to do more. so, i did more.

since i began this journey (insert less cliche phrase here, if you can come up with one), the creative community of new york city has taught me, pushed me, and embraced me. i love creating, i love when people love what i create, and i love the fact that i get to do this for as long as i can still hold a paintbrush and a camera.