Lyric Prince


Lyric Prince

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Lyric Prince received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Saint Joseph’s University, and is currently studying artistic trends online as a part of her graduate studies in Science, Technology, and Society at Drexel University. Her past experience includes online art installations, website building, and drawing and painting large-scale works in public spaces. She has assisted in producing local art festivals, most recently Battle of The Canvas, Rockers Afro Punk BBQ Weekend, and Last Word Open Mike. Her work explores the link between unconscious dreams and oftentimes the relentless flow of reality, and how technology and the digital divide caused by our computer screens can either create, amplify, or destroy the viewer’s perception of a work of art. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.


Hi, I'm Lyric.  I'm an artist/linear scientist with proclivities towards black and white lines that flow in and out of bodies, consciousness, and spirits.  The world around me is filled with possibilities, paths that are left unexplored, energies yet un-imagined, and my desire is to draw them all out, line by line.

In a sense, I mix hard-edge and abstract in a low-brow context.  A great deal of my work uses no reference (like models or photos) of any kind.  I started out as a portrait artist, but eventually I became more interested with what can come directly from my head, and I've been having fun with describing my process to others ever since.

Thank you for reading.

504 Bainbridge St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
I'm always reachable by email. Phone me anytime (but I prefer night).