Linda Tharp is an abstract painter based in New York City and Five Islands, Maine. Originally from coastal Connecticut, Tharp’s sense of color and space originate in the experience of landscape where bays, small coves and tidal rivers are framed by land and filled with reflected light. Attending art school at the Cooper Union, Tharp gravitated instinctively to abstraction for its direct engagement with materials and the transformative effect of artmaking upon them.


I am interested in the opposition of dissolution and emergence. Working with paint and solvent as a fluid means of playing with form, I apply paint either close up using brushes, fingers, rags, or whatever comes to hand; or from a distance by throwing thinned paint from a brush. Working improvisationally, I invite the unexpected. The form of the painting emerges from the process, often in surprising ways.


b. 1957
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 1983Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, BFA
183 Lorraine Street
Studio 30
Brooklyn, NY 11231