Leonidas Bratini


Leonidas Bratini

Born in the Dominican Republic, Leonidas moved to the Bronx in the early 1990s and now lives in Orlando, Florida. He enjoys taking pictures, particularly during weekend walks throughout New York City and any other cities he might be visiting. 


 If I could go back and relive the last few years of my life, I would relive each moment in exactly the same way. This simple realization emerged from deep internal reflection. Some people exercise or practice yoga, others meditate; I engage in walking meditation practice - I put on headphones with a loud music and go on long walks. During my most recent walks, I have entered around emotional reflections of a breakup with the person I felt I was going to spend my life with began to surface.

As most people I wondered if there were things I could have done differently, was it my fault? what did I do wrong? One day while out reflecting, a spark of inspiration was triggered and I began to capture moments of reflection through the photo. I’ve read somewhere that with the technology of today anyone can take a picture, but it’s the emotions behind them that make it into a photo. These are my photos #reflections.

I've loved photography since very young, growing up in the Dominican Republic it was the only way for me to remember what my sister and mother looked liked since they had moved to New York City when I was very little. Then growing up in The Bronx, NY I always loved to see pictures from the early 20th century. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time just the way it was. This is my goal each time I take a photo. #noFilters, #noEditing.


b. 1982, Sabana de la mar, Dominican Republic
Lives and works in Winter Park, Florida

  • 2003SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology at Morrisville,
  • 2015#Reflections, CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL
  • 2015Best of DTO, CityArts Factory, Orlando, FL
You can also find me on IG as LeonidasBratini.