Kirsten Nash


Kirsten Nash

I am interested in the complex relationship between culture and the natural world, and how abstraction becomes a tool for navigating, translating, and comprehending human experience. In these works, I appropriate the reductive forms of American Minimal and Conceptual painting, while referencing familiar objects and places, such as the generic grid of the suburban parking lot. Line, grid pattern, color, texture, and the viscosity of paint coalesce into a larger geometry of time and space. I play with the juxtaposition of positive and negative, imagery and abstraction, line and ground, and deep space and the flatness of the canvas, and seek to describe a tension that is created between the physical properties of the material and the transcendent qualities of pictorial illusion. In the most successful pieces, the viewer is made aware of the delicate balance between his or her reading as one of the oscillation between the formal properties of the work and personal reverie upon life experience.

3327 80th Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372