Kelly Walker


Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker paints with zeal and confidence, committing spontaneous reflections of her mood and emotions to canvas. Walker’s abstract paintings demonstrate the techniques, textures, and patterns she employs as a professional decorative painter. Utilizing a wide range of atypical materials, her works are intricately layered and her surfaces defy explanation, calling reference to landscape, graffiti, and color fields.

Walker’s artwork has been featured extensively at venues both in and outside of the Baltimore area, including the Rosenberg Gallery, Silo Point, Gallery 1951 in Los Angeles, and the Delaware Museum of Art.


I paint because I can’t stop moving. My process is an organic transfer of energy, imagination, and emotion. My studio is the only space I feel free from judgement and free to explore the materials I work with. Combining components that should not mix – oils, acrylics, resins, lacquers, metal leaf, car paints, plasters – I paint and repaint surfaces, building up textures, layers, and a complexity of colors that reflect the many emotions and energies I’ve absorbed from day to day. Drawing from a mixture of my surroundings, experiences, travels, and feelings, my work is more a reflection of my process of exploration rather than the achievement of an end result.


b. 1975
Lives and works in Baltimore, MD

321 W Madison Street
Baltimore , MD 21201