Kathleen Migliore-Newton


Kathleen Migliore-newton

I was born in Monroe, Michigan to second generation parents of immigrants. My mother's family was from Lithuania, my father's from Italy. I have two sisters. I went to Pratt Institute and graduated in Painting and Printmaking. My strength is in drawing the figure. I worked in publishing and advertising after college in New York and Los Angeles. I married and had a family with Douglas Newton. He is a painter and our daughter, Rachel Newton was a dancer and is now an architect in private practice. I began showing my art work in Los Angeles and in New York. I decided to teach English as a Second Language and got a masters degree to get my credentials. Living in New York with it's diversity and immigrant population stimulates my art. Teaching adult immigrants English gives me an intimate view into the lives of the people who make up various communities in the City.


I love to draw and paint the human figure. I look for the character of the sitter or the person on the street or in the subway. I try to imagine their lives. The challenge is to portray the world on a two-dimensional surface. The paint,the line and the color are tools to interpret what I see.


b. 1942, Monroe, Michigan
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2013Sister Father Brother Wife Daughter Husband, Guild Gallery II, New York, NY
  • 2013Working It Out, The Painting Center, New York, NY
362 Adelphi Street
Apt. 1
Brooklyn, NY 11238
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