Karin Bruckner


Karin Bruckner

Fine Art Printmaking has been Karin's main focus since 2006.  She came to Printmaking through Architecture after working in the offices of Richard Meier & Partners and Philip Johnson Architects.  Due to a structure not unlike Architecture's layers in space, Printmaking offered a unique way of re-connecting Karin to her life-long passion of creating Art.  Once on the Press she realized that she had found her medium.  While working within the familiar confines of layers, construction, shapes and colors she discovered the power of the happy accident inherent in Printmaking.
A work of Art begins with a mark.  Making that mark matters.  Once that mark is made, it takes you places and a narrative emerges.  Beginning with Monoprints she has recently worked her way into other forms of Printmaking, constantly evolving and experimenting.  It all began with a 19th Century Printmaking Press at the local community center and has lead to a studio partnership sharing a press with another artist and continuing to take workshops, most recently with Fumiko Toda, a Japanese Printmaking Artist and Painter.  
Although a staunch Modernist at heart, Karin's work is more complex than minimal; multi-layered, faceted and lyrical with a strong sense for composition and balance.  


The journey is the destination to me. It almost always begins with a mark on a plate, be it material, texture or paint. We travel together to a place not yet defined. Together we begin a dialogue open to what comes at us when we subject ourselves to the process. Us, the platform of the luscious paper and the tool of the wondrous etching press. I often feel that it is not me who is making a work of art, it is the work of art that is making itself through me. I am helping it along to become what it wants to be. The artwork knows I have a trained eye for composition, balance and harmony that comes with knowing about structure and stability as well as light, shadow, layers, shapes and color. The artwork also knows how to free its guide from rectilinear, clearly defined constraints leading me into territory not yet known, yet to be explored, not always comfortable towards an open horizon and with the promise of exhilarating discovery. I have begun the journey to the Happy Accident via Repurposing and Upcycling on a Printing Press in 2005 and I knew I was on my way. Printmaking was a congenial way for making art after leaving Architecture.


b. 1960, Zurich, Switzerland
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 1989Columbia University in the City of New York, MS
  • 1986Technical University of Munich, MA
  • 2013twitterartexhibit, exhale Gallery, Carson, CA
  • 2013Artists' Collaborative, The Brooklyn Collective, New York, NY
  • 2012Susan Eley Fine Art NY, AquaArtMiami, Miami, FL
  • 2012Small Art Exhibition and Auction, Good Question Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2012Sugar Art and Fashion Show, House of Yes, New York, NY
  • 2012Small Art Exhibition, The Gallery at FibreArtsGallery, Palo Alto, CA
  • 2012Studio Show Karin Bruckner and Jane Parkes, Studio, New York, NY
574 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10024
Please contact by e-mail. Artwork available for viewing by appointment.