Karen Rosenkrantz


Karen Rosenkrantz

Born in Boston, Karen grew up in the West. Her first oil painting was a view of the Rocky Mountains from Denver at age 9. She went to Harvard, then Harvard Medical School, became a surgeon, did research in human immunology, retired at a very early age .... then started oil painting again. She graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2007 and now works out of her studios both in Cambridge MA and Chelsea NY.


group dynamics and silk screens
   We are constantly surrounded by other people. The human need to belong is powerful, and as individuals, we float in and out of relationships with people choosing some, rejecting others.  Each relationship is different but these interactions help shape our identity.  My work explores human identity, experience, and behavior in the context of our relationships with others.
   These silk screens and paintings were derived from photographs of individuals in both urban and “beach” environments. In some settings the individuals were clearly part of a group ... In others the individuals are clearly distancing themselves from the others around them. I use the photograph to capture and study the body language in both types of settings.

like a cowboy
   This series is a riff on the cowboy image … as  a metaphor of the American psyche, mythology, and experience.  like a cowboy is about the cowboys of our childhood and the cowboys of today …. and about cowboys adapting to a rapidly evolving world.


b. 1955, Boston, MA
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 2007School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Certificate
  • 1981Havard Medical School, MD
  • 1977Harvard College, magna cum laude, BA
  • 2011Now Here This, III Art Collective, New York, NY
  • 2010Silk Screens, Louis Boston, Boston, MA
  • 2008Group Dynamic Series, Louis Boston, Boston, MA
  • 2014Harvard Review, Harvard University
Studio visits are always welcome ... email is the best way to reach me