Born in Philadelphia, Karen Gibbons moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute and never looked back.  Karen later earned an MFA in painting from Hunter College. Since then she has explored painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media and is adept at lyrically combining image and media.  In addition to her own work she inspires others as an art therapist and yoga teacher.  Karen has shown her work regularly for many years and currently is a member of the 440 Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 


  Karen Gibbons                                                       Artist’s Statement            I make multi-media work, combining found objects or collage with painting and sculpture. I adhere personal photographs to unusual substrates such as found canvases, rocks, bricks or wood and then move in with paint or drawing materials. Physicality, growth and connections are my vocabulary. In each piece, shape, form and color are distilled until a singular image emerges from the tension between the found and the deliberate. I lovingly use a variety of materials so that the elements each have their own resonance and naturally create contradictions. The visual dance of contradictions then creates a container for both expansive feelings and familiar impressions. The aim is to imbue personal imagery with universal poignancy.

280 Nevins St.
New York, NY 11217
Please call or email to arrange a studio visit.