Julie Freedman


Julie Freedman

Julie Lynn Freedman began her Masters of Art Education at Texas Tech University in the fall of 2007. As an abstract painter living in Austin, Texas while teaching high school Spanish and art in Texas public schools, Ms. Freedman sought an artistic and intellectual challenge to study art and produce works that incorporated language, symbolism and figuration within her color fields of abstractions.  She has lived in the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Spain and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. Her linguistic capabilities have helped her to find connections with art and language; as a part of her masters thesis, she produced an ethnographic study of how visual imagery can impact critical thinking in a foreign language classroom.  Some of her work can be found at : www.pbase.com/juliepintora


I paint an abstract representation of the human condition and the duality of masculine and feminine. My themes depict subjective realities with pervasive symbolism such as the triangle, the female form, passageways, water and sometimes animals.  Whatever symbolism that recurs in our lives—whether it be in our work, our relationships or our dreams—it is through these symbols that we discover our authenticity and our depth of soul.   My work reflects strong emotional dualities utilizing color, positive and negative space, and texture.  I have been strongly influenced by living and working in Latin America.