Julian Fischer


Julian Fischer

Sorry I  can't do the 3rd person thing it makes me feel silly.

I am a graphic designer by trade and an illustrator at heart although I enjoy 3D art, animation and most recently I have taken an interest in comics.


I will try just about anything and I suppose my work is held together by a few disparate themes which haven't changed much. At the moment these would be girls (usually nude), sci-fi, fantasy,nature and the macabre. I like combining the technological with the natural and showing how technology is inspired by nature. I like to recreate insects and animals and anthropomorphize them or explore deviations of the natural form because I find evolution fascinating. I have a soft spot for the raw fantasy and sci-fi art of the 80's which explains my obsession with powerful women. 

My process is quite simple and could hardly be called a process. A concept will grip me and I go about finding the best medium to articulate the idea often changing my mind half way through and finding that the piece has evolved dramatically since it's conception. It is more like a conversation as I find myself sacrificing my ideas to the will of the piece and revealing something that wasn't there in the first place.


b. 1988
Lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia

  • 2011University of Pretoria, BA
plot 38b, Malaiti Road
Leopards Hill
Lusaka, LUSAKA 10101