Judith Greenwald


Judith Greenwald

Judith Becker Greenwald is developing her place in the art world with the same sensitivity and drive she exhibited in her first career. As psychoanalyst and analytic supervisor, she founded and was first Executive Editor of the esteemed journal, Psychoanalytic Perspectives. Always interested in making art, she has returned to this passion. She brings the creativity, reverence for life and intuition she has cultivated during these many years. Her playfulness and earnestness inform her sensuous and joyful paintings.  She is proud to have been selected for two solo shows as well as many group shows.


As an artist, I have an intimate emotional and visual connection with each painting. I work organically, staying in the present moment and being open to what reveals itself to me as I watch the painting evolve. I have learned to trust the process without knowing precisely where it will lead. I am captivated by the incredible beauty of our world and the glory of its ever changing panorama of patterns and colors. As I savor the sky, ocean and lushness of the Earth, I feel uplifted and am inspired to communicate the sense of awe that their beauty evokes within me. Their majesty suffuses my psyche while I am painting, and as I work, I am intrigued by the interplay of color next to color and by the dynamism of the composition as it emerges. Finally, when I feel the painting captures that unknown something satisfying to me, I know I must stop and free the painting to have a life of its own.


b. 1940, Albany, New York
Lives and works in New York, NY

  • 201330 Paintings, Partners International Corporate Space, New York, NY
  • 2013Glorious, 48" X 60" Acrylic and Collage Painting, Squire and Sanders law firm
20 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10003